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Insight from visualisations


Finding knowledge from data masses with visualisations

Companies collect huge amounts of data that is expected to contain important knowledge to be used so as to improve processes, advertising and sales. Utilising this collected data requires several steps from pre-processing to showing the data in such a form that it is easy to understand. We provide visual solutions to our customers for deriving the full benefit from the collected data, covering the whole pipeline from big data processing to visual tools for finding insights.    

As an example, we have constructed a visual analytics pipeline to Turku University Hospital for the treatment of endometriosis. The system collects the data from several sources and provides users with a variety of means to view and explore the contents visually. Another kind of visualisations is virtual environments based on accurate 3D terrain or city models that can be constructed automatically from, for instance, remote sensing data, and many kinds of location-based data can be presented in this environment.


Mixture of competences

Constructing a successful visual analytics pipeline requires competences from several areas: information visualisation, user interface and interaction technologies, data management and integration, and visual analytics. VTT has expertise and active research in all the required building blocks. Our visual solutions can also be static or interactive 2D visualisations, a combination of abstract visualisations with visual models of the objects for analysis, visualisations in 3D or in virtual environments or a full visual analytics pipeline. 

Open source tools, quick application generation

We build our solutions using components from open source libraries. For analysis, we use the R Statistical package. We create visual user interfaces for web applications and mobile apps with a variety of open source tools. Data stores can be both SQL and noSQL databases. For measurement data, we are constructing a platform for the quick generation of visual analytics applications, aiming for a streamlined and quick process for transforming data masses into intuitive visualisations. For 3D visualisation we use OpenSceneGraph and OpenGL ES for mobile devices.

Non-limited application areas

We are not limited to any specific application area. So far, we have applied visual analytics to energy efficiency and the indoor conditions of buildings, environmental measurements, mobile service usage, learning actions and medical and wellbeing data.   

Insight from visualisations