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Data analytics and data science


We provide turn-key data analytics solutions to our customers in different application areas. We can combine state-of-the-art data analytics methods and tools with our excellent application area knowledge. With the help of VTT's data analytics solutions, our customers acquire a better knowledge of their customers and their internal processes.

Data analytics and data science

Combining application area knowledge with strong analytical skills transforms analysis into analytics. VTT is a multidisciplinary research organisation with expertise ranging from telecommunication and electronics to logistics.

We are continuously identifying novel data analysis methods and educating ourselves. We also contribute methodological research, in particularly in the fields of predictive analysis, anomaly detection and behavioural models.  Our current research focus is on real-time data analytics.

Data engineering

So as to be able to provide turn-key solutions to our customers, we have a thorough knowledge of the tools available for building efficient data processing infrastructures. Our expertise spans from different data storage solutions to visualisation tools.

Solutions from space technologies to digital health 

We have state-of-the-art computing infrastructure that supports our development of novel data analytics solutions. The infrastructure also allows us to perform efficient modelling, analytics and visualisation of the data from our customers.

Data-analytics is a powerful tool for solving problems in several areas of application. We have for several years co-operated with leading industry partners in telecom network equipment and mobile platform manufacturing. In addition, we have a strong track record in the fields of logistics and health care. VTT data analytics is continuously cooperating with other VTT expert areas to advance research in these fields and to generate attractive joint offering. Current application areas include digital health, advanced lighting solutions, network management and optimisation, space technologies and wearable technology.