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Data management


We develop business-oriented and supplier-independent data management and sharing in close collaboration with our customers. Our objective is to support the competitiveness of companies in rapid digitalisation.

With the help of our solutions, your organisation can adopt new relevant data sources, using digital services designed specifically for your own needs. Our independent status facilitates the observation of genuine customer needs and benefits when designing the solutions.  We are a reliable and independent partner with solid know-how of ICT technology development, and digital service architectures and technologies.

Added value from relevant data through digital services

Currently, it is possible to collect digital data on almost any subject. The essential thing is to recognise which data or combinations of data produce added value for the organisation's operations or directly to consumers through digital services. Our solutions allow our customers to develop their business operations and competitiveness in the rapidly changing digital world by making the relevant information available for use by means of digital services designed on the basis of the customer's needs.

Often, for example, information collected on the products or use of services, and different data provided by automation systems and networked sensors function as sources of information relevant for the functioning of organisations. Our extensive technological competence and the services we offer enable engineering of even complex system entities and their rapid testing in accordance with your organisation's needs.    

Research and solutions of digital services and data management

In collaboration with our customers, we have developed, for example, data management and digital services for property management, energy distribution and the transport sector. In our research projects, we study, for example, semantic data management and digital service architectures and related technologies so that we are able to offer our customers technologically sustainable and competitive solutions. Our experienced and highly competent experts and our own HPC/Cloud environment facilitate research, solution engineering, and piloting in a competent, safe and high-performance environment.