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Co-development with users


We work with our customers to develop optimal and easy-to-adopt services.

Co-development with users offers manufacturers and service providers a better understanding of user needs and requirements. User engagement from the early stages of the product development process saves money by allowing new ideas to be tested before the high-cost implementation stage.

Users are also the best experts when it comes to the further development of an existing product or service.

Interaction improves customer satisfaction and commitment – and helps to reach new customers

Our specialists studied the key user groups of Novita and their needs for a global online community. Based on the results of the study, they were able to determine which features and contents would best serve the target groups.

Meanwhile, the Next Media research programme looked into the consumers' media consumption patterns with the objective of establishing how, where and when consumers wanted to access news content.

This programme gave media houses valuable information on the types of news content readers preferred to access with various terminal devices. It also gave consumers an opportunity to take part in the design and development process for digital newspaper distribution channels.

Co-development enables user involvement

In co-development projects, our specialists' role is to be the mediator between companies and end-users, and to collect and analyse information. We create the appropriate framework for each study, and apply research methods to match the customer's needs.

Our research combines traditional qualitative research methods such as interviews and group discussions with quantifiable methods such as eye movement tracking cameras or people tracking solutions.

Owela: Co-innovation online

The Owela innovation space developed by VTT provides a channel for collecting qualitative research data from a large number of users, regardless of their location. Owela offers users an opportunity to participate in product and service development. In the innovation space, users can talk to other users, share ideas and take them forward.

Owela enables easy co-development of products and services, and significantly reduces time to market. The innovation space gives you the chance to get close to your customers, while improving customer satisfaction and increasing their loyalty to your products and services.

Owela has been used successfully in several co-development projects. Contact us – we will help you seize the best opportunities for your business!