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Digital service engineering


Putting data and analytics at the service of business

Our data analytics and data-related business tools aid in developing new opportunities for data-driven businesses that are finding new ways to use the data they own.

Increase your business acumen with data-driven solutions

As businesses begin to realise the value of the data they collect, the interest in technologies, applications and processes that can help reap the benefits of this rich resource increases.

We help customers to fully benefit from data-driven solution opportunities. We offer extensive knowhow in modern data-driven business models and develop scientifically tested tools and methods for data analytics and information management. We also apply domain knowledge for improved decision support in various industries.


​Digital service design

We have a lot of know-how and experience of the business models of various different sectors and of ways to apply them in different areas of business. Thanks to this know-how and experience, we are able to help our customers develop new and better business around data.

Another advantage is our status as an impartial developer of services. Moreover, we are able to help our customers to plan and implement the best possible solution for their needs, which will also be compatible with any information system.

Co-development with users »

We work with our customers to develop optimal and easy-to-adopt services.

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​​​Developing digital services »

We make our customers better equipped to deliver high-end digital services and tap into the full potential of digitalisation.

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​​​Digital media systems »

Our technological solutions give our customers the freedom to choose their next, and future suppliers.

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Digital service business »

We identify and evaluate the business benefits of digitalisation and help companies adapt their business models to become service-oriented.

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Life cycle management of software and digital services »

We help our customers gain the greatest benefit from their products and services – right up to the end of their life cycle.

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User interfaces

Our methodologies help companies to increase the usability and user adoption of new services and technologies. An example of this is augmented reality libraries, which provide mobile phone and laptop camera pictures with data and 3D visualisation.

​​​Augmented reality and 3D tracking »

We are leading the way with augmented reality applications and 3D tracking technology. Several years of research background makes us today one of the strongest 3D tracking technology providers in the market.


Data analytics 

We have the ability to combine, use and process information collected from different sources in a way that benefits customers' business. By combining and applying our know-how in different fields of general analytics, such as statistics and machine learning, information technology and applications, we can help our customers to better understand phenomena relating to business and business processes.

Data analytics and data science »

We provide turn-key data analytics solutions to our customers in different application areas. With the help of our data analytics solutions, our customers acquire a better knowledge of their customers and their internal processes.

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Data management »

With the help of our solutions, your organisation can adopt new relevant data sources, using digital services designed specifically for your own needs.

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Earth Observation »

New satellites are now providing enormous amounts of data for free. We have the expertise to generate meaningful knowledge out of these huge sources of optical, radar and hyperspectral data.

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Insight from visualisations »

We provide visual solutions to our customers for deriving the full benefit from the collected data, covering the whole pipeline from big data processing to visual tools for finding insights. 

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Cyber and information security

We can support companies in developing trustworthy platforms and services and ensuring the implementation of a sufficient security level at an early phase in the development process. We have extensive knowledge of security solutions based on standards and the use of certificates and keys, encryption and watermarking.

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Risk analysis, security testing and security metrics »

Together with VTT, companies are able to ensure security of their products through the whole production life cycle – from design phase requirements to runtime maintenance.

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Security solutions for embedded systems »

We have a long experience in specialised design and implementation of secured and trusted environments for various embedded devices such as smart phones, routers, environmental sensors and smart grid components.

Cyber security for industrial control systems »

Since 2006, we have had a very strong background in developing cyber security solutions for various critical industries.


Discover what collaboration with VTT can achieve:


Win with VTT

We work together with leading international companies in research and innovation projects for developing and experimenting smart software innovations to the markets. Our data analytics offering is scientifically rigorous and provides the means to tap into new data-driven opportunities. With our approach, we can help you reduce the risk of new technology adoption and make the time-to-market shorter.


​​Do you need support for your company's R&D process?

Contact our Key Account Manager Matti Koivu

​Efficient and smart facility management

Customer: Senate Properties

Challenge: How digitalisation can help in improving productivity of facility users, service providers and owners?

Solution: VTT has built in co-operation with Senate Properties a novel digital service that facilitates the interaction between facility users, owners, service providers and the facility itself. The service combines facility information from different sources such as building automation and shares it in real-time in role-based views. One of the information sources is the facility users who have an opportunity to give feedback on the indoor environment.

Key benefits:

  • Increased productivity via better indoor environment, better prioritisation of maintenance services and energy savings
  • The new service will be piloted in several facilities owned by Senate Properties.


"The support of VTT's experts have been crucial for the project's success. We know what we want, VTT knows how we can achieve it."

Esa Halmetoja, Development Manager, Senate Properties


Online space for co-innovating services with users

Customer: F-Secure Corporation

Challenge: How to involve users in company's innovation process and to allow flexible interaction with consumers?

Solution: Consumer study using VTT's Owela work space. It is open and innovative environment for the consumers to share their creative thoughts.

Key benefits:

  • The results of the study were immediately actionable and impacted product portfolios and roadmaps.
  • Online method has allowed continuous and rich interaction with consumers.
  • Valuable insight on consumer long term usage behaviour.


"For us this study was remarkable, because it not only offered immediate improvement ideas, but also gave us deep strategic insights about our customers and their behaviour."

Ville Nore, Usability Specialist, User Experience, F-Secure Corporation


Online space for co-innovating services with consumers

Customer: Novita Oy

Challenge: How to collect insight on customer behaviour and to develop new knitting services world wide?

Solution: VTT's Owela online innovation space helps companies co-design new services based on consumers' needs and ideas.

Key benefits:

  • Easy and quick set-up
  • Fast and direct feedback from end-users to build a service that meets their needs.
  • Reach of large amount of users internationally


"The support of VTT's experts have been crucial for the project's success. We know what we want, VTT knows how we can achieve it. VTT was the only possible companion for us that could meet our requirements for the schedule and extent of the research. They already had the right processes and the right tools, such as Owela, for succeeding in the research."

Susanne Ranta-Kiiski, Marketing and Communications Director, Novita


New features for augmented reality application

Customer: Inglobe Technologies

Challenge: How to get a robust, state-of-the-art 3D tracking engine for augmented reality solution?

Solution: VTT provided important background technology and skills to develop a robust, template-based 3D tracking approach for standalone and mobile devices.

Key benefits:

  • Ease of integration in Inglobe's platform.
  • Solution matched the required flexibility and robustness and enables new application workflows.


"Independently of the fact that we had a shared goal, we worked with VTT like if we belonged to the same team. Definitely, the team lead by Charles Woodward is friendly and professional at the same time."

Graziano Terenzi, CEO, Inglobe Technologies Srl