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VTT Cyber War Room



Prepare for, plan and identify cyberattacks, threats and vulnerabilities

Running a simulated attack in controlled conditions is the most efficient way to ensure your cyber security is in order. 

We have a special Cyber War Room, where cyber security testing can be performed in a controlled environment, reliably and confidentially. The VTT Cyber War Room includes a mini-Internet simulation environment that is completely isolated from all other telecommunications and where the devices or software being tested can be subjected to highly realistic cyber-attacks in a controlled way. Because the laboratory is completely isolated, a wide range of attacks can be tried to test the performance of various systems. 

Our 30+ cyber-security experts can help stage attacks aimed at seizing systems as well as implement typical hacker attacks and botnet attacks. We can monitor the attacks and develop tools for cyber situational awareness as well as perform in-depth cyber analyses from network traffic log information. ​

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