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Cyber security



Prevent cyber security attacks against your products, communication systems and manufacturing operations

VTT supports companies in developing trustworthy platforms and services and ensuring the implementation of a sufficient security level at an early phase in the development process. We have a state of the art testing laboratory and experienced staff to conduct security testing for our customers. We also provide tailor-made solutions for demanding security environments.

It is crucial for all network systems and connected devices and services to be designed, developed and tested with information security in mind. Vulnerabilities in security systems can expose networks to unauthorised and criminal use, which can have severe repercussions and lead to major losses. Information security must be taken into account at an early phase of the development process, as implementing it afterwards can be difficult or even impossible. Devices and services must be designed to prevent hacking, and the development process needs to include sufficient testing of the products to guarantee acceptable level of security. 

Design, development & testing for cyber security 

VTT is a trusted partner for companies and various organisations in research and development related to cyber and information security. Our services include different information security analyses, assessments and testing as well as risk analyses and, on the basis of these, assesses system architectures and their implementation.



Our solutions:

Applied cryptography »

We can help your business incorporate new cryptographic solutions in your activities. This will help you win the trust of your clients and also to comply with the increasing amount of regulations on the security and privacy of the data that you process. 

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​​​Blockchain for securing transactions »

Blockchain is a cryptographically protected distributed register of confirmed transactions or contracts. It allows a novel business models build on trust and transparency while simplifying the business processes.

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​​​Cyber security for industrial control systems »

We have strong background in developing cyber security solutions for various critical industries. We also develop and test special cyber security services that ensure the cyber security and continuity of critical industrial production.

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​​​Risk analysis, security testing and security metrics »

Together with VTT, companies are able to ensure security of their products through the whole production life cycle – from design phase requirements to runtime maintenance. For years, we have been building the competence to perform security risk analysis in several international research and customer projects. 

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Security solutions for embedded systems »

We help our customers to build secure embedded systems. We have a long experience in specialised design and implementation of secured and trusted environments for various embedded devices such as smart phones, routers, environmental sensors and smart grid components.

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​​​Cyber War Room »

We have a special Cyber War Room, where cyber security testing can be performed in a controlled environment, reliably and confidentially. Because the laboratory is completely isolated, a wide range of attacks can be tried to test the performance of various systems. 

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Discover what collaboration with VTT can achieve:

Why VTT?

We have over 70 years' experience supporting our clients' growth with top-level research and science-based results. From Start-ups and SMEs to established companies and government agencies companies worldwide co-operate with VTT. We have a unique cyber laboratory and the largest independent research group in the field of cyber security in Finland to improve the security level of your information systems. We can work with you in all stages of your R&D and innovation cycle. 


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