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Avoid the domino effect


The Seveso Directives deal specifically with the control of on-shore major accident hazards involving dangerous substances. In these regulations “domino effect” means the increase in the risk or consequences of a major accident, because of one or more of the following factors:

  • geographical position of factories
  • distance between the factories located in the area
  • quantity of dangerous substances used and stored in the area


The land use planning of complex industrial areas is highly concerned with domino accidents. These areas could be substantially safer if several companies decide to deal together with domino risks. The identification and evaluation of possible domino effects should be studied from wide perspective. Reviewing the progress of the chain of events caused by accidents or malfunctions and assessing the consequences require knowledge about the activities and the interdependencies in the area.

Utilize VTT's expertise to avoid domino effect in your business

VTT has expertise and procedures which can help in studying the domino effects of various malfunctions and the harmful consequences. We are looking for solutions and working closely with our customers in the assessments of the hazardous areas of flammable gases and liquids, in the analysis of ammonia leakage, in the assessments of fire risk and other accidents.