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Reduce risks from climate change


​Climate change - prepare for the risks and rewards

It's time to look at how climate change will impact your business and how you can mitigate and adapt to changing conditions, while seizing opportunities along the way.

To ensure the future smooth running of your business the first thing you need is scenario planning. How is the weather changing in your area? In the short term and the long term, including temperature, rainfall and winds, as well as extreme weather, such as super storms, cold spells and heat waves, flooding or extended droughts. How will these changes affect you? What about your customers and your suppliers? How climate sensitive is your sector?

How VTT can help you manage climate threats?

VTT has solutions to help you identify and manage emerging climate threats and weigh them up against potential new business opportunities. In long-term investing, it is vital to take into account both the risks and rewards.

Our services include:

  • risk index for various transportation routes, assessing their vulnerability against extreme weather
  • solutions to ensure climate-proof supply chains, and network operations.
  • using Big Data and spatial information to assess the spatial climate risks of roads and railways
  • methods and tools for risk analysis of long-term weather changes across different parts of a country
  • adaptation planning based on direct cost assessments
  • taking into account the overall economic, environmental and social performance or your business





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You'll find more information on publications and other research activities on VTT's Research Information Portal.