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Ensure safe autonomy in logistics


Why reliability is a must in automated transport services?

Efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly automated transport services are an integral part of smart urban development. The expectation is to have 24/7 operations, cost-effective driverless services and better payloads for unmanned vehicles. All of this requires many new aspects:

  • Systematic development of logistic system performance, safety and reliability
  • Confidence for the market on the safety and reliability of autonomous technologies and first-of-kind approach
  • Evaluation and techno-economic feasibility of any new concepts, especially when aiming to global markets
  • Seamless deployment and ramp-up of new technologies for system safety and availabilty
  • Traceable evidence for the technology qualification and acceptabce processes


​How does your business benefits from VTT's expertise?

VTT can help your automated transport services business by:

  • identifying and analyzing uncertainties and risk in implementing new technologies
  • finding solutions to control the risks
  • supporting the development of automated machinery systems in industry
  • utilizing our proactive top-down approach to risk assessment and novel systems engineering tools
  • using methods and tools for the techno-economic evaluation of operating concepts, system designs and risk control options
  • specifying and allocating risk reduction measures to all system levels of automated logistic robotics and to all supporting infrastructure systems

Our system simulations and virtual environments will help you to

  • conceptualize new logistical concepts, operating environments and system functionalities
  • test and validate logistic robotic concepts with different functionalities and in different urban environments