Risk and resilience management



Mapping business opportunities by managing risks

Business environment and societies meet disruptive changes. Digital technologies enable new business models and opportunities. Climate change, population growth and pollution will turn commodities like water, energy and raw materials to critical resources for the industry and functioning societies.

We can help in identification of new business opportunities and risks related to new technologies including cyber-physical risks. Our aim is to ensure that risk management improves resilience on sudden, unexpected situations and has positive effects on business continuity. In fact, risk management is a tool for recognizing business opportunities.

Attractive safety and security for Smart Cities and Districts

Urbanisation and immigration together with digital technologies, intelligent connectivity and circular economy will have great impact on how the cities need to be developed. It doesn´t mean only the integrated approach of smart buildings, infrastructure, energy systems and mobility solutions. It means also good life and safety for citizens.

Tackling risks and uncertainties of energy transition

Energy market is gradually moving towards post-carbon era, meaning more distributed renewables capacity and increased supply and demand flexibility in energy systems. Real-time management becomes essential, requiring monitoring and communication capabilities enabled by digital technologies. Along come increasing cyber security concerns.

VTT supports customers in managing energy transition challenges and opportunities with risk-conscious decision-making. Risk, safety and material assessment analyses for energy systems exposed to different operational and other conditions is one of VTT´s strengths. We also specialise in development of people-based safety and cyber security programs as well as in doing accident analysis. Systems engineering of complex energy systems is our key area of expertise. Evaluation and mitigation of regulatory and fiscal risks are also drivers for our work. These may have to do with technology, weather and climate or organisational risks.

Enabling low-carbon autonomy and value adding industrial services

Increasing system autonomy, low-carbon power source, and servitisation are the development megatrends in industrial arena.

 Systematic reliability and safety considerations of autonomous systems are the key to productive lifetime and safe interaction with humans involved. VTT is specialised in human driven simulation based safety validation i.e. operational scenario based safety testing and systematic evaluation against set requirements and acceptance criteria. Search for low-carbon energy solutions widens the number of powering options and brings along novel power train, energy storage and fuel technologies. VTT offers comprehensive support for risk conscious decision making during the whole design and operational process of e.g. hybrid-electric and fuel cell powered mobile and stationary applications. Servitisation and outcome economy challenge us to rethink the sustainable value creation capability of industrial assets enabled by associated data, intelligent decision making and digital platforms. To support this development VTT offers practical tools for assessing and visualising costs, benefits and risks of various asset lifetime options.



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