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Risk and resilience management


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Urbanisation and immigration together with digital technologies, intelligent connectivity and the rise of a circular economy are already greatly impacting how our cities and districts need to be developed. ​The energy market is gradually moving towards a post-carbon era, meaning the capacity for more distributed renewables and increased supply-demand flexibility in energy systems. ​In today’s industry arena, increasing system autonomy, low-carbon power sources, and ‘servitisation’ are the megatrends.

Is disruption already having an impact on your business?  

Digital technologies enable new business models and opportunities. Climate change, population growth and pollution will turn commodities like water, energy and raw materials to critical resources for the industry and functioning societies.


How to thrive in shifting conditions and create new business?

Risk management is a tool to improve your resilience to unexpected situations and ensure your business continuity. VTT can help you thrive in the changing conditions and add value for your business:


  • Making our cities safe, secure, attractive and smart
  • Tackling the risks and uncertainties of energy transition
  • Enabling low-carbon autonomy and adding value in industrial services


​​​Manage cyber- physical risks

Cyber threats touch on a wide range of technical systems, machines and devices and may have significant impacts on society or organisation.

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​​​Reduce risks from climate change

Climate change entail unwanted consequences harming society in many ways. It is vital to identify the possible future circumstances and prepare for them.

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​​​Ensure safe autonomy in logistics

Performance, safety and reliability of your systems has to be taken into account when considering autonomous solutions for your logistic operations.

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​​​Prepare for fire and evacuation risks

Ensure proper management of fire risks and evacuation safety. Meeting regulatory standards requires re-thinking of the evacuation safety plan.

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​​​Improve the resilience of critical infrastructures

Smooth and trouble-free operation of critical nfrastructures, such as hospitals, is vital for citizens' welfare.

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​​​Avoid the domino effect

Ensuring safety and security issues in a large scale and handling the storage of industrial chemicals is vital in on and off-shore activities.

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​​​Make better decisions with VTT ValueWise

VTT ValueWise offers robust and transparent assessment and visualisation of lifetime costs, benefits and risks of decision options.

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​​​Benefit from risk analysis

Risks can ​be related to personnel, environmental, or process safety, or business continuity. Identifying, analysing and evaluating risks is the basis for successful risk management.

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​Risk management cuts across multiple technologies and business areas. Especially risks involved in new technologies or arising from novel configurations of old technologies recurrently can result in major accidents. Below is the list of on-going and recently closed EU funded projects where our extensive excellence in risk management is utilised in various applications.

Resilience of critical infrastructures and climate change

  • Smart Resilience Indicators for Smart Critical Infrastructures  (SmartResilience)
  • Increasing disaster Resilience by establishing a sustainable process to support Standardisation of technologies and services (ResiStand)
  • Preparing for the Domino effect in Crisis situations (PREDICT)
  • On the Impact of Extreme Weather on Critical Infrastructures (INTACT)
  • European Control System Security Incident Analysis Network (ECOSSIAN)
  • Holistic Approach to Resilience and Systematic Actions to make Large Scale UrbaN Built Infrastructure Secure (HARMONISE)
  • Modelling crisis management for improved action and preparedness (CRISMA)
  • Tool-supported policy-development for regional adaptation  (ToPDAd)
  • Cost-benefit analysis of current and future security measures in Europe  (ValueSec)

New technologies

  • Marine application of a new fuel cell powertrain validated in demanding arctic conditions (MARANDA

Fire and evacuation safety

  • Engineering, production and life-cycle management for the complete construction of large-length fibre-based ships  (FIBRESHIP)  
  • Transport fire safety engineering in the European Union (TRANSFEU)

Border control

  • Proactive Enhancement of Human Performance in Border Control (BODEGA)
  • A harmonized, modular reference system for all European automated border crossing points (FastPass)