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On-site measurement campaigns


On-site measurement campaing

Sampling and analysis service

Sample collection is the basis for representative analysis. The sample analysis can be carried out from samples sent by our customers or it is also possible to arrange a sampling campaign by VTT. In case our customer has capabilities to gather samples by themselves, we are happy to provide information about reliable sample gathering. If sampling campaign is needed, VTT will send professional personnel with full sampling equipment to the customer site and complete the sample gathering from the process point of interest.

Many of the sample gathering methods are not complicated in theory (e.g. water vapour from gas stream), however, the lack of suitable equipment might set great challenges to the representative sample collection. Furthermore, with some analytes the sample transportation and storage conditions should be considered carefully.

With our sampling campaign our customer will have representative samples and reliable analytical results from the components of interest. I addition to analytical results, VTT can offer services to calculate mass and energy balances in order to estimate the process efficiency and gas calorific value.

Representative sampling

VTT has long history in design, develop and implement experimental and pilot scale application for biomass thermochemical conversion. Because of this experimental work, we have also created reliable sample gathering knowhow and equipment. Sample gathering is affected by many factors, such as, pressure and temperature, fuel composition and analytes of interest. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about the measured process as well as specially designed sample gathering equipment. VTT has separate methods for gasification gas main components, which enables reliable sample analysis from complex gas matrix.