Sustainable syngas R&D and analytics


Sustainable syngas R&D and analytics

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VTT understands customers and society's needs and opportunities by working in a challenge-driven way. VTT co-develops impactful solutions to match these needs. In this way, VTT's excellence in science and technology  help customers to succeed and promote sustainable growth and wellbeing in the society. Enhancing the customers processes and bringing new added-value to the customers business is VTT's main target now and in the future.

Sustainable concepts »

Sustainable solutions take you away from traditional fossil resources into the new age of renewables. VTT provides sustainable alternatives that are based on strong competence proven in industrial applications.

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​​​Process problem solving »

Your process challenges can be turned into opportunities. Together we can optimize the energy and economy efficiency of your process.

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​​​Value from gas streams »

Utilize gas streams to optimize the energy and economy efficiency of your process.

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​​​Value from wastewaters ​»

Does wastewater challenge your process? VTT brings value to your wastewater, reduces the process operating costs and minimize the disposal of polluted water. Wastewater will be for you what you want it to be.

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​​Functional thin films by ALD ​»

 ALD can produce conformal, pinhole free coatings with accurate thickness control on large areas. VTT can utilise and integrate functional thin films into your application in the field of catalysis, protective coatings, optics, energy applications and diffusion barriers.

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​​​Catalyst solutions »

The modern intensified reactor technologies turn waste streams into value-added products. Together with VTT you can find a solution that is beneficial for your process and business!

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Process Gas Analytics

VTT has over 30-year experience in gas analytics. We have built our competence by designing and implementing various kinds of biomass gasification applications. During technological development it has been crucial to have reliable analytical techniques in order to achieve results with impact. Therefore, in addition to our analytical services, we are eager to provide our knowledge for interpretation of analysis results and possibilities to improve our customer’s processes. In gas analysis we have excellent capabilities to analyze gas components, such as, permanent gases, hydrocarbons, tars, sulphur and nitrogen compounds and water.

Tar analysis »

Tar analyses are particularly relevant in biomass related thermochemical processes. VTT has extensive background knowledge especially in the development of gasification processes and their analytical methods. For tar analyses we use methods derived from CEN/TS 15439-specifications.

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On-site measurement campaigns »

In addition to analytical services, VTT has skilled personnel and specially designed equipment for on-site measurement campaigns.

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On-line gas sampling and analysis »

VTT has developed and tested on-line measurement applications with high sampling rate and reliable results.

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Special impurity analytics »

For gas impurity measurements, VTT can offer well established protocols for sulphur, nitrogen and cyanide compounds as well as analytical possibilities for many other gas impurities.

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Hydrogen analytics »

VTT has extensive knowledge about hydrogen analytics from industrial scale quality assurance applications to fuel cell trace impurity measurements.

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