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Corrosion research facilities



​Laboratory and in-field equipment

To provide our customer the best possible service, we have various research facilities. Majority of the techniques can be applied parallel to be able to tackle complex research needs. Many techniques can be also applied in-field.

  • AC and DC electrochemical measurements, such as Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR), potentio/galvanodynamic and –static measurements, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), Electrical field mapping (EFM), Electrochemical noise (EN), voltammetry,
  • Rotating disc electrode (RDE) systems
  • Sensors and probes, such as LPR, Micro-electrode array sensor (MASS), Electrical resistance (ER) probes, On-line electrochemical biofilm monitor (BIoGEORGE probe)
  • Examples of modified testing environments: autoclaves, pilot-scale cooling water circuit, fixed-temperature cabins (0-80°C), anoxic environments
  • Surface and microstructural characterization, such as optical and stereomicroscopies, FESEM/EDS, XRD, AFM, profilometry, nanoindentation
  • Microbiological analyses, such as microscopy analyses, molecular biological analyses, bioinformatics
  • High temperature oxidation and corrosion exposure testing facilities up to 1500°C