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Noise control and sound quality tools and facilities

Product development tools and facilities for noise control and sound quality engineering

Our state-of-the-art mobile and on-site measurement equipment include calibrated sets of microphones, multi-channel data acquisition devices, and analysers. Additionally, we have dedicated tools to measure sound intensity, vibration and particle velocity fields.

 Measurement equipment and analysis software

  • Calibrated microphones and their preamplifiers
  • Weather resistant microphones for long-term outdoor measurements
  • Exciters, impact hammers, accelerometers and force sensors for vibration measurements
  • Impedance tubes for material acoustic characterization
  • Sound intensity measurement tools
  • Microflown particle velocity probe, Scan & Paint visualisation and in-situ material acoustic properties measurement –software
  • LMS SCADAS system for multi-channel sound recording and acquisition
  • Listening test facilities
  • Artificial head and torso simulator for binaural measurement
  • Dedicated microphones to record binaural response
  • Artemis SUITE software for sound quality research
  • SQobold for multichannel lightweight data acquisition, video recording and sound quality analysis
  • LMS Test.Lab (Data acquisitions and signal analysis software)
  • Labview & Compact RIO data acquisition and analysis tools

Outdoor testing area

  • Noise measurements for large outdoor machinery
  • Pass-by  noise


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Noise control and sound quality R&D