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VTT's engineering technology testing unit in Tuusula

Wärtsilä Propulsion Test Centre (WPTC)

​Photograph of the test centre. Photo: Wärtsilä

Unique R&D facility for propulsion technology

Wärtsilä Propulsion Test Centre (WPTC) is the result of close cooperation between Wärtsilä and VTT. The purpose of the testing facility, located in Tuusula, Finland, is to strengthen the existing product validation and research activities.

Introduced in 2013, the facility enables the development of new, high-quality and environmentally sound propulsion products together with research institutes, universities and suppliers. The test centre will have a central role in propulsion-related research and development activities. In particular, it will be used for functional and endurance testing, with emphasis on mechanical power transfer.

The test installation can accommodate thrusters up to slightly above 2 MW in power. The main components are a frequency converter with an electrical motor and generator, a specially designed gearbox, and a hydraulic loading system. The test centre covers an area of about 200 square metres, and is capable of running tests around the clock.