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Surface treatment concept (SUTCO)

Innovative surface treatment possibilities in semi pilot-scale

The concept offers innovative surface treatment possibilities based on flexible, modular construction.

Versatility of the surface treatment line opens new opportunities for the development of new products, processes and to trial new ideas economically for chemical suppliers, printing houses, converters, brand owners and for industry manufacturing various base materials. 

Unique research facilities for nanocellulose film manufacture and foam coating

Surface treatment of various coating materials on wide selection of base substrates using several different coating methods. Base substrates may include plastics, paper and carton board or non-woven based materials.
Nanocellulose film manufacturing and nanocellulose coating. Foam coating for various end uses. Barrier applications using using water based coating formulations.
Currently most customer work is related to nanocellulose film manufacturing and foam coating.

Adaptation to requirements of tomorrow

Versatility of SutCo research equipment means that it can updated to adapt to research requirements that will arise in the future. This can be done inhouse or with co-operation with machine suppliers. Over the years we have built solid networks with subcontractors and suppliers to serve arsing demands in different projects. We can serve chemical suppliers, printing houses, converters, brand owners and naturally paper industry.