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Fluidised bed combustion

Secure the success of the boiler investment

​VTT has unique facilities to study phenomena of fluidised bed and grate firing processes. The experimental installation has been used to various R&D subjects as well as to industrial projects related to power plant investments. Using our service to study and understand fuel combustion behaviour using experimental and modelling tools we are able to help ensecure the success of the boiler investment. The result can be also utilised to optimise fuel mixture at the power plant to ensure operational performance and high availability.

Since late 90’s we have done tens of fuel characterisation test applying fluidised bed and grate firing facilities to understand fuel combustion behaviour characteristics for proper boiler design. Most commonly fuel characterisation service is used as the customer don’t have enough previous experience of the fuel or the customer is looking to change fuel spectrum in power production. Fuel testing before investment saves money due to more proper design of the boiler.

Our strenght is to combine experimental work, modelling and simulation tools

Our core competence is based on experimental work that can be performed applying our pilot scale test units (BFB, CFB and grate firing). We have developed in-house 1D process models to the pilot plants and those models has been integrated to dynamic simulation tools (Apros Combustion) that allows to study boiler behaviour under dynamic conditions. This is an essential feature in future energy systems where increased flexibility of operation is needed by the operators. The new plant operational models can be also tested using our experimental and simulation services. Recently we have also started a new R&D programme to develop new products for future energy markets to integrate solar power into conventional fluidised bed boiler. Using that approach our tagget is to decrease CO2 emissions below 550 g/kWh as set in emission performance standards.

VTT´s fluidised bed research environment at the technological trajectory 

VTT has coordinated number of EU funded project aiming to improve the power generation efficiency in CFB’s and sizing up the process to utility scale (HIPE CFB, CFB800, CLEFCO). Naturally the emissions are decreased due to higher efficiency. In addition to that VTT was the first in the world successfully demonstrate oxy-fuel combustion in fluidized beds in mid 90’s. To develop and commercialize oxyfuel combustion based of CFB’s several EU funded projects have been erected (FLEXIBurn, O2GEN). In all project a strong partnership between European top level power industry as well as academic partners has been created.