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Food processing and brewing pilot

Trial your new process concepts and product ideas at VTT!

Our Food processing and brewing pilot offers high quality equipment for pilot-scale product development and process optimisation. Our food pilots include a malting and brewing pilot, pilot bakery as well as pilot facilities for dry & wet grinding, fractionation, drying and extrusion. On addition to that, we offer practical and scientific support and a comprehensive set of analytical tools.

VTT introduced extrusion as a potential production technology for a new rye snack product with high fibre and protein content. VTT helped to choose the right type of equipment and to start the new process. The key benefit was process optimisation before investing in new equipment (Eero Koivisto, CEO, Ruislandia Ltd., Finland).

Minimise risks on your way to industrial production

We have long research experience and development know-how with which we can offer new solutions into ingredient production and the design of value-added products. We can help you to minimise risks and costs on the way from laboratory to industrial production. Apart from our state-of-the-art pilot-equipment, we can assist our customers in the scale-up trials at their own factories or at equipment manufacturers’ test centres.

Recently, we have enriched cereal, legume, berry and insect fractions in terms of dietary fibres, proteins or bioactive components anthocyanins. In addition, we have developed snacks and biscuits enriched with wheat, rye and oat fibres, products with enhanced shelf-life and gluten-free pasta enriched with plant proteins.

From grain to bread or beer at pilot scale

Our malting and brewing pilot can handle the complete barley-to-beer chain. Frozen- and sourdough breads, biscuits and crackers as well as non-wheat bakery products are developed in our pilot bakery.

We have state-of-the-art equipment for dry and wet grinding (cutting mill, stone mill, impact / pin disc mill, air-jet mill and ultra-fine mill), dry fractionation (sieve shaker and air classifier), thermo-mechanical processing (extruder, pre-conditioner, high-pressure processing unit and high-pressure homogeniser) and for drying (freeze-, spray and fluidised bed dryers).

We have an extensive network with other research centres and universities as well as with equipment manufacturers (e.g. Hosokawa Alpine, Clextral, Masuko and Görgens). Recently, we have collaborated with milling and baking, brewing and malting as well as with dairy industries.

Our services are also applicable to other bioprocessing industries, e.g. for the pre-treatment of raw materials prior to the production of animal feed, biofuels or cosmetics.