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Bio and chemical technologies

State-of-the-art multi-purpose facilities

VTT’s state-of-the-art pilot facilities in the field of biomass fractionation and pulping, industrial biotechnology, process chemistry and food technologies also include a broad selection of advanced analytical tools for biomass product characterisation. 

The multi-purpose facilities are designed to serve a large variety of scale-up, test material production and custom manufacturing tasks. The equipment is operated by skilled and experience personnel and supported by VTT’s scientists and analytical tools. The customer’s own personnel are welcome to participate in the pilot trials. 

We welcome new challenges!

VTT can help when:

  • A process needs to be scaled up or optimised
  • Empirical production data or test material is required for the design of a new process or product
  • You need manufacturing services for your special products or raw material 
  • A hypothesis requires testing
  • You need advanced analytical tools
  • You lack the necessary know-how, personnel or equipment


​​​Advanced analytics and characterisation

VTT can analyse the chemical composition and structure of a wide variety of biomass types and their fractions, and thus provide information on their valorisation potential. 
​ ​​​