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Value-based service business models


Value-based service business models

​Profit from value-based services

Are you looking for growth and new opportunities in service delivery? A better understanding of customer needs and processes can help uncover opportunities and ensure that your service offering strategy meets evolving customer needs. As new technologies reshape business boundaries and competition intensifies, high value services are more important than ever. They are key to increasing both revenues and customer commitment.

Discover your most fruitful opportunities for growth

VTT brings a new customer-centric perspective to clients interested in expanding their service business. We are expert in acquiring customer and partner insight, and in facilitating business relationship building. We discover what the customer perceives as valuable from among your services and where the most fruitful opportunities for growth lie. We help clarify your value proposition and help create the ideal service provisioning model.

Choose VTT for service growth results

VTT's service business team consists of 30 experts with backgrounds in industrial engineering and management. We help you to discover hidden opportunities within your current service offering as well as entirely new ones. ​