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Process development for different industries


Early stage process design and techno-economic analysis

Our strong expertise in early stage process design and techno-economic analysis methods and tools quarantees efficient delivery of novel concept assessments. We are able to utilise VTT’s versatile experimental capabilities in the data validation required in the evaluations. 

We have provided our expertise to different process industries, investors and public authorities such as the forest, chemical, and food industries, and biomaterials and energy sector. Level of detail has varied from early stage techno-economic analysis to studying cost implications of retrofitting existing production lines with novel technologies. 

Our strongest expertise lies within wood-based products and processes, and the analysis of their integration impacts using state-of-the-art techno-economic analysis methods. 

Techno-economic analysis of new concepts is a generic tool in process and product development process of all process industries and authorities requiring a systematic assessment of new ideas.


​Fresh thinking

Our customers tell us that collaborating with VTT adds value in a number of ways. It brings fresh thinking to the table, offers proven technologies that can be tailored to their specific needs, and accelerates the development and implementation process.

How we work

Working with VTT is different. Instead of developing everything internally or working with companies pushing proprietary solutions, we function as an extended part of your team. With VTT, you are tapping into platform chemical sector research and development that is both deep and broad.

​​Let’s talk

We invite you to meet with us so that we can gain a better understanding of the most important challenges you are facing and how we can help you to solve them.