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Performance of industrial scale CLC power plant



​Techno-economical studies about performance of industrial scale CLC power plant

In this study the primary focus is on economic evaluations for industrial scale greenfield chemical-looping-combustion (CLC) power plant. In the tool it is possible to analyse the operation with different input parameters and make comparison to both oxy-fired circulating fluidised bed (CFB) plant and normal air-fired CFB plant using coal as a fuel. The whole CCS chain, including CO2 capture, processing, transport and storage, is included. As there is no storage capacity in Finland the captured CO2 has to be transported and stored abroad. ​ ​

In the toolkit, the profitability of each case can be analysed according to different market situations by adjusting plants operation and the most significant input values. In addition to plant and case specific technical inputs, the economic parameters can be varied as well as CCS related costs, for example required investment, transportation costs, prices for oxygen carrier materials etc.

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