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Feasibility of power-to-gas production


With this tool the feasibility of synthetic natural gas (SNG) production based on power-to-gas concept can be analysed for two cases with different investment costs, interest rate, lifetime, O&M costs and unit efficiencies to ease the comparison of different inputs.

Investment costs, O&M costs and electricity costs play the major role among the production costs of SNG. Electrolysis and methanation are the main processes of which capital costs can be entered separately in this tool. Fixed costs consist of investment costs (with auxiliary equipment) and O&M costs (personnel, maintenance, replacements). Variable costs consist of electricity costs for electrolysis (main proportion), CO2 purchase costs (depending on the source), and methane feed-in costs to the pipeline. The incomes consist of oxygen incomes from electrolysis and heat incomes from methanation in which the heat production rate determines how much heat can be utilized. As main results SNG production cost graph [€/kWhCH4] with different peak load factors and a cost breakdown of P2G production graph are presented.

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