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Feasibility of Bio-CCS in CHP production

​Feasibility of Bio-CCS in CHP production - A Case Study of Biomass Co-firing Plant in Finland

This case describes implications of applying Bio-CCS for a Finnish 482 MWfuel CHP-plant using pure biomass, pure peat and biomass-peat co-firing. Effect of carbon capture and storage on greenhouse gas balance and operation economics of the plant with different fuel ratios are compared to the base case plant production with varying parameters of plant operation. In the study it is assumed that the economic incentive for negative CO2 emission is included in EU ETS.

The plant is equipped with a modern circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler which is using oxy-fuel technology in the CCS applications. Regarding the emission balances, besides the site emissions, the main effects on global GHG-emissions are also taken into account by using streamlined LCA. The plant is connected to the existing district heating network where other CHP plant (fired with 50 % peat and 50 % biomass) already exists. The other plant and limited district heat consumption within the area limits the benefits obtained from CCS heat recovery. 

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