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Electricity production costs and specific CO2 emission for CSP-CFB hybrid power plant


In this study electricity production cost analysis tool for CSP-CFB hybrid power plant with different CO2 reductions levels is presented. The case studies include different mixtures of coal and biomass co-fired in a circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler integrated with concentrated solar power (CSP) plants. Results include for example the break-even price for available sustainable biomass, which would turn investment on CSP and integration feasible over the case, where greater amount of biomass is purchased.

The properties of modelled CFB boiler are based on existing 400 MWe plant resulting very large solar field. The considered fuel mixes include the required biomass shares to reach emission performance standards (EPS) levels of CO2 in the both dimensioning cases and with different operation schemes of the plants. The chosen approach was to use equal annual electricity production for all the cases around the year.

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