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Bioeconomy concept development and evaluation



 Broad expertise across industries

VTT’s strong expertise in bioeconomy’s process and product development, together with our well-established approaches for systematic evaluation, simulation and modelling will provide a fast lane to holistic feasibility estimates of novel concepts. 


 Product safety for new materials and packages 

If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to ensure the safety of your future products, then turn to VTT. Product safety aims to ensure the safety of new materials and technologies during the development phase; safe and compliant materials for intended purposes. Today the shift to bio-based, renewable and recyclable materials has increased considerably; novel solutions for e.g. packages and disposable wares are needed. 

We focus on “Safe and compliance-by-design” thinking during the product development phase.

​​​Food contact materials (FCM)

​“Safe and compliance-by-design” supports the product development of food contact materials (FCM)​

​ ​​​

​​​MOSH and MOAH analytics 

VTT offers up-to-date knowledge of current product safety demands for R&D work​

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​​​Consumer acceptance and usability

It is expensive and frustrating to develop products and services that nobody wants or very few people know how to use. Users and consumers need to feel that the new product or service suits their needs, is useful, and is not too difficult to use. Consumer acceptance and usability research try to ensure this is the case. 

Testing the acceptance and usability of products and services at an early stage of their development process makes it more likely that these products are well-liked and find their user base more easily. ​

​​​Attractive products and services 

We have a range of tools and methods that cover the entire product development process ​from ideation to final evaluation.​

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​​​Facilities and methods 

Our research is not industry-sensitive – wherever there are new products and services and people who need to use them, it is worthwhile to involve the actual users in the development and evaluation processes​.

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​​​IPR for energy, process, bio and chemical technologies  

VTT creates intellectual property in research and development projects for the benefit of the customer. Patents and applications are available for licensing.  VTT is an experienced partner in developing IPR from research results. We may start from the customer’s own inventions, we may plan for specific IP within a target area based on a freedom-to-operate analysis, or we may build on VTT’s existing IP.​

​​​IPR for licencing

VTT has several protected technologies that are currently available for licensing or sales.

​ ​​​

​​​Tools, networks, and experience in IPR 

VTT IPR provides a development platform and the opportunity to create unique products or services, backed with intellectual property protection.

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 Risk assessment

The significance of risk management is growing in all phases of the asset, product or service life cycle due to the increasing uncertainty related to rapid changes in the business environment and increasing demands for product safety and reliability. 

In global business, a safe and reliable process, system and product life cycle is a competitive advantage. It ensures the business continuity lower system life cycle costs and higher customer satisfaction. 

​​​Risk conscious decision-making 

Secure your future with better risk management. ​

​ ​​​

​​​Comprehensive understanding of risks 

We create value by reducing risks imposed on people, the environment and assets.​

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 Strategic technology roadmaps

We provide a means for basing decision-making on relevant knowledge and systematic processes. We open up the decision-making horizons, catalysing more long-term perspectives and identifying emerging technologies and future markets. 

​​​Technology roadmapping 

Roadmapping consists of foresight approaches to support policies, decision making and innovations.

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 Sustainability assessment

Sustainability is today a required business dimension in most commercial enterprises. You need to be aware of the impacts of your product’s performance throughout the value chain. Sustainability assessment provides solid information to support decision making, and helps you attain verifiable sustainability credentials to drive customer preferences.  

​​​Optimised sustainable solutions 

We ensure that sustainability is considered and combined with your business operations. VTT brings in expertise to assess the environmental, social and economic impacts of your products. ​

​ ​​​

​​​Latest knowledge and methodologies

​​​​​Sustainability services are provided by our well networked and actively involved specialists​. ​

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 ​​​Techno-economic feasibility of new concepts 

VTT links economic considerations to process design from an early stage, iterating as the work progresses. This approach brings efficiency to development work and indicates the practical feasibility of the new concept early on, giving valuable input for the development work.

​​​State-of-the-art process design methods and tools 

When developing new technology concepts, it is important to consider the economic implications of the designs.

​ ​​​

​​​Process development for different industries 

Early stage process design and techno-economic analysis​.

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Techno-economic case studies and toolkits

VTT has variety of tools for process integration, process modeling, economic evaluations, sensitivity analysis and streamlined LCA analyses. VTT has conducted several TEA case studies based on real industrial plants and their environments within energy production and carbon intensive industry. As one outcome of the TEA studies we often provide interactive customer-tailored toolkits in which the economic feasibility and emission reduction potential can be analysed. The outlook is provided from the investor’s point of view in different market conditions considering also the impacts on surrounding system and uncertainties.

Please visit some of our interactive toolkit solutions presenting case examples from bioenergy, combined heat and power, carbon capture & storage, power-to-gas and other solar energy related applications:

Bio-CCS in CHP production

​Feasibility of biomass co-firing plant in Finland.​

​ ​​​

​​​Industrial scale CLC power plant 

Techno-economical studies about performance of industrial scale CLC power plant.

​ ​​​

​​​Residential and commercial scale solar applications 

Cost and feasibility analysis of residential and commercial solar applications.

​ ​​​

​​​CSP-CFB hybrid power plant 

Electricity production costs and specific CO2 emission for CSP-CFB hybrid power plant.

​ ​​​

Power-to-gas production 

Feasibility of synthetic natural gas profuction based on power-to-gas concept.

​ ​​​

​​​Biomass co-firing in a CHP-plant 

Economic feasibilty of biomass co-firing Finnish CHP-plant equipped with a CFB-boiler.

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Fresh thinking

Our customers tell us that collaborating with VTT adds value in a number of ways. It brings fresh thinking to the table, offers proven technologies that can be tailored to their specific needs, and accelerates the development and implementation process.

How we work

Working with VTT is different. Instead of developing everything internally or working with companies pushing proprietary solutions, we function as an extended part of your team. With VTT, you are tapping into platform chemical sector research and development that is both deep and broad.​​

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