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Business development



​​​Industrial ecosystems »

VTT brings a broad understanding of industrial ecosystems and their value chains to our customers' business development processes.

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​​​Bioeconomy concept development and evaluation»

We provide a fast lane to holistic feasibility estimates of novel concepts. 

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Foresight »

We help you to plan and develop your vision through participatory approaches like roadmapping, scenario development, vision creation workshops and future pathway design.

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Industrial service business »

We aid our customers in developing value-based asset management and lifecycle services, and help end users to increase productivity.

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Risk management »

Business environment is in constant change that challenges companies. We offer solutions to improve safety& security, to avoid human, environmental and business risks, and produce information and knowledge for your improved risk management.

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​​​Transition management »

We offer toolsets that clearly position your organisation in relation to global drivers, emerging scenarios and technological changes.

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Why partner with VTT?

  1. We offer our customers and partners multidisciplinary and in-depth scientific, technological and business competences. Several strong scientific focus areas create a flexible platform for radically new technology and business development.

  2. We have world-class research environments and solid IPR assets. Benefit from our unique R&D infrastructure which enables the development chain from basic research and process development up to prototyping and pilot manufacturing. Our intellectual property is considerable and we are flexible on the terms of intellectual property developed in commissioned research and development projects.

  3. We have a proven track record: 9% of Global Fortune 500 companies are already our customers. By engaging in collaboration with us, they have promoted the creation of new businesses, improved current processes, practices and products and boosted the productivity of their R&D activities.



VTT has been our strategic research partner since 1959. They keep us up to date with the newest developments in science, which ensures our position as technology pioneers.    

Rauno Sillanpää, Chairman of the Board, PBL Brewing Laboratory


Thanks to the project, we received better information about our stakeholders and customers, which we could utilise in specifying the service offering and appreciation of our networks. This kind of systematic analysis that utilised various tools and focused on the networks connected to the new business could not have been carried out by ourselves alone. Clean Waters is the first start-up of Vapo Ventures and serves as a model for new start up openings in the future.  

Marika Ryyppö, Director of Operations, Vapo Clean Waters