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Small-scale CHP


​Small-scale biomass power and heat technologies enable the use of local biomass fuels for efficient and cost-effective production of renewable power and heat.

Energy production from indigenous and renewable resources supports the local economy, secures energy supply and reduces the carbon foot print.

Efficient energy production from challenging and low-value fuels

VTT´s expertise in small-scale CHP technologies covers the whole chain from fuel collection and pretreatment to new energy technology demonstrations. Our strength is in developing innovative solutions to utilize challenging biomass streams in energy production.

VTT is your key partner in the development of clean, efficient and cost-effective renewable energy technologies.

Wide expertise and unique facilities

Our strength is in combining technology experts, analytical, modelling and technical services and our wide research infrastructure.

VTT´s BioRuukki pilot plants offer a world-class platform for new technology development, piloting and demonstration.

Our test facilities range from laboratory-scale reactors to bench-scale testing units and pilot-scale process development plants. In co-operation with our clients and industrial partners, we are also involved in several demonstration and commercial projects.

For more information about what we can offer in the field of small-scale CHP technologies, please contact us directly.