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Material recovery

Recover simultaneously energy and metallic aluminium from waste

Natural resources are limited and therefore recycling and material recovery to a great extent are an imperative in the very near future: Availability of raw materails can be improved dramatically by advanced waste processing including not only material recovery but also utilisation of the energy content of waste with significantly higher efficiency than in conventional waste incineration. Advanced waste utilisation concepts also have a very positive impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions. Combined material and energy recovery from waste results in improved profitability of the overall waste management chain.

VTT has developed a patented advanced gasification process for the simultaneous recovery of energy and metallic aluminium from the waste stream of recycling of liquid packaging. Our customer invested in this technology and constructed a 50 MW plant turning waste disposal cost into income by starting to produce energy and metallic aluminium for sale from waste.

World class expertise

We have world class expertise in fluidised bed technologies and on the application of this to demanding applications in order to produce added value for our customers. We also assist our customers to integrate processes into their core processes and business enabling improved profit by utilising our customers’ own waste streams. 

Excellent test- and pilot-scale facilities

In addition to our extremely wide experience from industrial scale processes and process development, we have excellent test- and pilot-scale facilities to carry out test and verification test trials for our customers. We also have wide international collaboration networks, enabling the combination of the best available technologies and developments in order to benefit our customers.

Our main customer sectors are utility companies, process industry, waste management and recycling companies and equipment manufacturers with whom we have worked successfully for decades.