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Fossil fuel replacement

Minimise risks related to boiler investments and the expansion of the fuel mix


​Biomass, waste fractions and other potentially challenging fuel mixtures can be used in power production to replace fossil coal in existing and new boilers so as to optimise cost and emissions; low CO2, low emission, cost efficient, low cost.

Peat, biomass, different waste fractions and various types of coal are parts of the future fuel mix to be utilised in multifuel boilers at lower fuel costs, CO2 and other emissions. This poses new needs for fuel characterisation, boiler design and boiler service and operation in both pulverised coal (PC) and fluidised bed (FB) boilers.

With the help of VTT you can minimise risks related to boiler investments and the expansion of the fuel mix.

Sustainable high efficiency technologies

At VTT different aspects of the co-firing chain are developed in co-operation with energy utilities and other stakeholders. The main aim is to develop and demonstrate sustainable high efficiency technologies for combined heat, cooling and power generation from biomass utilising pulverised fuel and fluidised bed combustion technologies, in both greenfield and retrofit plants. 

Versatile know-how on combustion processes

Through VTT’s versatile know-how on fuel characteristics and combustion processes, the overall techno-economic feasibility of different co-firing technology options can be identified. VTT offers analytical support to evaluate co-firing technologies, the equipment needed, plant operation effects and the costs of operation with reference to technology’s energy and environmental performance.