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Conversion of waste to energy

50% higher power production efficiency


​Waste incineration has been a traditional way to dispose of waste and simultaneously produce some power and/or heat for industry or district heating. However, the power production efficiency is usually relatively low because of the high concentration of difficult impurities in flue gases. The efficiency can be improved significantly by applying advanced WtE technology based on gasification. Gasification and cleaning of gas prior to gas combustion enables high steam parameters in the steam cycle resulting in high power production efficiency:

Gasification-based high efficience WtE technology enables almost 50% higher power production efficiency having a very positive impact on the economy of the plant, and at the same time fossil fuels can be reduced in power production. In some cases, the overall economy can even be improved by simultaneous material recovery in waste processing and from the ash from an advanced WtE plant.

Lahti Energia has invested in advanced high efficiency gasification-based WtE technology on an industrial scale (160 MWth). The annual volume of processed waste derived SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) is about 250 000 tons and the plant produces 50 MW electricity and 90 MW district heat for the City of Lahti.

Laboratory and pilot-scale testing facilities

VTT developed gasification-based WtE technology as early as the mid-1990’s. The technical basis of this technology is our previous expertise from the development-Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) technology. We also have excellent laboratory and pilot-scale testing facilities to test and verify gasification of different waste fractions in order to create a reliable basis for further development and investment in the technology. In addition, we have developed technologies to recover valuable materials from bottom ash in order to reduce the ash disposal cost and thus improve the overall economy of the process concept.

Competence in wide range of waste fractions

VTT has experience of gasification (and gas cleaning) of a wide range of different waste fractions, such as SRF (Solid recovered Fuel), dried sewage sludge, electronic scrap, auto shredder residue, industrial wastes, etc. Our customers are typically utility companies, waste management companies, energy intensive industry and equipment manufacturers. Today our main focus is on simultaneous energy and material recovery from industrial waste and from SRF.



​Gasification-based waste-to-energy power plant


Customer: Lahti Energia Oy

Challenge: Convert solid recovered fuel (SRF) to energy by means of advanced gasification technology

Solution: VTT has researched and developed gasification together with Lahti Energia. With VTT’s support the company is able to convert 250,000 metric tons of SRF to electricity and heat on an annual basis, generating 50 MW of electricity and 90 MW of heat

Key benefits:

  • High electricity production efficiency and overall efficiency (power and heat)
  • Significant reduction of fossil fuel use and net CO2 emissions