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Biomass supply chain



VTT can help you develop the whole biomass supply chain. Compared to fossil raw materials, biomass has lower energy density and the resources are widely scattered around. Therefore, controlling and optimising raw material supply is essential in order to enable sustainable, cost and energy efficient utilisation of the resource. In addition, new refinery and utilisation processes require the right kind of raw material at the right time – and at good quality.

Let’s develop your supply chain together!

VTT created a calculation tool for the supply of woody biomass for Electricité de France (EDF) in collaboration with the European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER). This WBS-tool can be used to assess wood fuel supply logistics, economics and environmental impacts as new energy plants are planned.

Feasibility studies, method and business development

VTT offers expert help for biomass fuel suppliers, power and heating plant operators and biorefineries in finding concrete solutions for the whole biomass supply chain. Our expertise encompasses applied research, feasibility studies and method development in the areas of harvesting, chipping and grinding, logistics, drying, handling, and upgrading of solid biomass fuels.

Recently we have developed biomass drying and terminal concepts for wood fuel logistics.

Profound expertise and material handling facilities

VTT’s profound expertise is based on long experience in developing biomass supply chains, on the one hand for large enterprises such as forestry and energy companies, and on the other for entrepreneurs with new innovations. Our material handling facilities include dryers, weather stations, pellet mills, comminution machines, screens and conveyors. We have excellent networks and on-going collaboration with the leading research organisations and universities in all parts of Europe. We have also gained experience from projects in Asia, Africa and South and North America. Therefore, we can offer tailored solutions for any kind of solid biomass fuel in any scale – whether the customer is a large global enterprise or a local entrepreneur.

VTT’s services can be applied when new biomass supply chains are set up or developed or when new biomasses are considered. Quality requirements for raw materials in new processes and the need to improve logistics are other key areas where we can help.