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Affordable sugars from lignocellulosic biomass

We offer tailored solutions for each customer case and efficient integration to existing processes

VTT develops industrial concepts for the deconstruction of renewable biomasses by applying sustainable biotechnical methods, often combined with chemical or mechanical processing.

We offer tailored solutions for each customer case and efficient integration to existing processes. We can generate cost-savings by optimizing pretreatment, enzyme production and hydrolysis specifically for local conditions and raw materials.

VTT has worked with cell wall degrading enzymes and enzyme production platforms since the 1970s. Now use our globally recognized expertise to your benefit.

VTT developed together with partners a concept for the production of ethanol from recovered fibres and optimised the enzyme mixture for hydrolysis: “VTT’s pilot facilities, competence and can-do attitude enabled the execution of demanding continuous pilot runs.”  -Jaakko Jokinen, Senior Principal / Pöyry Management Consulting

Biomass pretreatments and enzymatic hydrolysis

VTT has a long and strong experience in enzymatic hydrolysis and the processing of lignocellulosic biomass. We have comptetence in developing pretreatment technologies and have recently worked on alkaline oxidation and organosolv technologies; in addition, we have various mechanical methods for size reduction and fibrillation. We have a good understanding of cell wall degrading enzymes, especially cellulases, hemicellulases and pectinases. We have optimized enzyme mixtures for different raw materials and for different pretreatments. We have also analysed bottlenecks in enzymatic hydrolysis and have studied the inactivating role of lignin in enzymatic reactions

Advanced facilities

We have several laboratory-scale systems for enzymatic hydrolysis also in high consistency conditions and excellent methods for analyzing cell wall components. We are able to scale up selected pretreatment methods and enzymatic hydrolysis to pilot-scale (100–1000 L volume range) and to operate in continuous mode and high consistency conditions if needed.VTT has worked broadly with different industry sectors such as the forest sector and other biomass processing industries, fermenting industry, and machinery and industrial enzyme producers.