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Bio-based glycolic acid for polyglycolic acid (PGA)

Come and extend your bioplastic business to totally new applications

​VTT has developed enabling processes for bio-based, high barrier polymer polyglycolic acid (PGA):

  1. Yeast strains for biotechnical production of glycolic acid (GA)
  2. Cost efficient polymerization of GA to PGA

The GA production method enables replacement of the fossil based GA in dermatology, cleaning, antiseptic and in polymers. Affordable PGA opens new avenues for bioplastics, e.g. in packaging and technical applications, similar to PLA.

Advanced products through a combination of biotechnology and sustainable chemistry

Biotechnical production of various end products can be converted with sustainable, efficient chemical transformations into new and existing products with improved properties or better cost-performance combinations. Biotechnical production permits the manufacturing of formaldehyde-free glycolic acid – vital in meeting demands of tightening regulation. 

The biotechnical end product can be chemically converted to new derivatives or precursors. New processes and transformations are developed routinely. Alternatively, the biotechnically produced end product obtained may be polymerized in a number of ways into novel materials with exceptional properties. The products and properties can be extensively converted and tested in our facilities.

Biotechnical, chemical and polymer pilots in action

Products produced by engineered microorganisms based on world class competence in metabolic engineering can rapidly be up-scaled in our fermentation pilots. These and any other products and intermediates can be converted using our flexible chemical piloting infrastructure. Polymers are processed on a routine basis in our polymer processing pilots. 

We work with companies, leading research institutes and universities to generate new solutions for a sustainable society and industry. We have a capacity to bring enterprises working in the sectors of feedstock supply, chemicals, converting of plastics and board together to generate new products and processes for industrial adaption.

Straw or wood to intermediates and polymers via sugars? Check out what we can offer!