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Furan compounds from sugars (FDCA)

Come and develop the high performance biomaterials with us!

​Development of catalytic routes to furan chemicals from sugars and sugar derivatives:

  1. Targeting furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA),
  2. Alternative use of furans as a replacement for benzene derived aromatic chemicals.

FDCA enables differentiation and improved material properties, e.g. in polyesters and polyamides, and provides a resource efficient pathway to applications where the use of bio-based terephthalic acid is considered.

We provide conceptual design and techno economical valorisation of the novel processes.

From idea to process and new products

 Our core competence is developing processes from the idea phase to laboratory and pilot-scale utilising our batch and continuous reactors and various analytical methods.

Our strong modelling and concept development enables simulation of whole processes including auxiliary equipment and techno-economic calculations so as to assist in investment decision making.

In the VTT Industrial biomaterials programme, biobased monomers and polymers have been developed together with industry.

Cooperation in the value chain

VTT research in bioeconomy transformation focuses on value creation from biomass to industrial biomaterials. Modern laboratory facilities, pilot-scale equipment, various analytical resources, modelling and concept calculations enable process development from idea to full-scale demonstration in pilot scale-facilities.

VTT cooperates with all major European research institutes, domestic and foreign Universities in addition with Finnish Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation. 

Example of an on-going networking programme: COST action FP1306 WG2 hemicellulosic waste streams valorisation (2014-2018).

VTT has on-going projects with Chemical and Forest Industry developing various high value products, processes and technologies.

The value chain to biobased FDCA starts from raw material sugars, the production of FDCA links to catalysis and process chemistry and bio-based aromatic compounds, and the final applications can be found in the polymers and packaging applications.