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Lignin dispersion and colloids

Consider whether your lignins could be upgraded to a performance chemical or if you could benefit from them!

​VTT has developed new lignin dispersions and colloids which are useful in material applications such as:

  1. Coating paper and board with lignin dispersions
  2. Polyelectrolytes for dispersing different systems such as concrete

Lignin dispersion is replacing fossil performance plastic and increasing the bio-content of the products, benefitting more available lignin resources. Viable lignin dispersions find a use in numerous applications.

Water-based biopolymer dispersions for various applications

VTT has strong competence in lignin chemistry, characterization and analytics and in the preparation of dispersions of biopolymers (particularly starch and hemicelluloses) for various applications. Experience of other biopolymerdispersions is applied to lignins from various sources. 

Recently, we have tested water-based softwood and hardwood lignin dispersions for HTC (hydrothermal carbonization) applications and for their film-forming ability.

Advanced analytical tools and pilot-scale testing

VTT has advanced analytical tools for lignin and lignin dispersion characterization, and also possibilities to upscale dispersion preparation, testing and their applications to pilot-scale.

Lignin dispersions serve several industrial sectors, e.g, companies interested in valorisation of lignin (in pulp and paper industry, bioenergy) and the chemical industry.

Water-based lignin dispersions enable a wide span of application areas such as dispersion and emulsion adhesives, printing inks, biobased barriers (packaging), HTC (hydrothermal carbonisation process) development.