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When you consider bio-olefins, we can provide you with concepts

VTT has developed catalytic routes for drop-in bio naphtha: a hydrodeoxygenation HDO process that is suitable for natural oils containing rosin acids, sterols and other polyaromates. We have also collected wide knowhow around the preparation of bio-based olefins with various processes.

We have the competence to convert complex bio-oils. More demanding and complicated natural oils and wastestreams from these can be considered as raw-materials for processes such as steam cracking or other processes.

Crude tall oil (CTO) was converted with a customer to naphtha cracker suitable feed by removing oxygen (HDO) and sulphur (HDS). Pilot-scale steam cracking showed higher or equal olefin quantities compared to petroleum naphtha.
Bio-based olefins can be produced also by utilising the Gasification technology developed by VTT. Utilising catalytic processes olefins can be prepared from chemicals made from gasification gas based ultrapure synthesis gas.

Developing processes for biobased materials and chemicals

Our core competence is in developing processes from the idea phase to laboratory and pilot-scale utilising our batch and continuous reactors and various analytical methods such GC-MS, NMR, SSNMR, FTIR, NIR. Py-GC-MS, HP-SEC, DSC, CE, UV-VIS.

Our strong modelling and concept development enables simulation of whole processes including auxiliary equipment and techno-economic calculations so as to assist in investment decision making.

In VTT Industrial biomaterials program biobased monomers and polymers have been developed together with industry.

From laboratory, through concept calculations and LCA analysis to piloting toghether with our partners

VTT combines modern laboratory facilities, pilot-scale equipment, various analytical resources with LCA analysis, modelling and concept calculations so as to enable process development starting from an idea and ending in a full-scale demonstration at VTT pilot-scale facilities.

VTT has co-operation with all the European research institutes and with several domestic and foreign universities in addition with Finnish Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation.

VTT has worked with the chemical and forest Industry developing various high value products, processes and technologies.

VTT is strongly committed to bio-economy transformation, combining the chemical industry know-how with the forest industry in order to enable future bio-refineries.

The know-how and technologies developed can be utilised developing any type of chemical processes or products.