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Leveraging the conversion of naturally occurring polysaccharides

​VTT has developed enabling processes leveraging the conversion of naturally occurring polysaccharides to aldaric acids (e.g. mucic and glucaric acids) and conversion of these into platform chemicals and novel materials.

Exemplary processes are:

  1. Fungal strains and biotechnical processes for the production of mucic acid
  2. The use of mucic acid in novel thermosets and hydrogels or in reductive processes to generate e.g. muconic acid or furan derivatives

Contact VTT if you have a sidestream polysaccharide that needs to be upgraded to valuable sugar acids, chemicals or materials!

Biotechnical simplification of complex polysaccharides enables new chemicals and polymers

The biotechnical production of suitable sugar acids can be carried out in high yields with significant process benefits. VTT’s efficient fungal strains are able to convert polysaccharides into sugar acids for adoption as such, or for further conversion to, for example, drop-in or replacement chemicals.

A biotechnically-produced aldardic acid is a versatile building block. These can be chemically transformed into several derivatives. VTT has developed methods to use aldaric acids as starting materials for the production of muconic acids and furans. Both of these have the option to be chemically converted into a spectrum of useful chemicals and polymer precursors such as adipic acid, caprolactam, furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) or terephthalic acid. New processes and transformations are developed routinely. Aldaric acids are also useful precursors or cross-linkers in the preparation of dense or loose polymer networks. 

Biotechnical, chemical and polymer pilots in action

Products produced by engineered microorganisms based on world class competence in metabolic engineering can be rapidly up-scaled in our fermentation pilots. These and any other products and intermediates can be converted using our flexible chemical piloting infrastructure. Polymers are processed on a routine basis in our polymer processing pilots. 

We work with companies, leading research institutes and universities to generate new solutions for a sustainable society and industry. We have the capability to bring enterprises working in the sectors of feedstock supply, chemicals, conversion of plastics and board together in order to generate new products and processes for industrial adaption.

Simplification of polysaccharides to sugars for side-stream valorisation? Check out what we can offer.