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Catalyst R&D for syngas cleaning and upgrading

Discover the possibilities of modern catalysis and advanced reactors!

VTT’s Catalyst R&D develops catalysts and process solutions for variety of applications in heterogeneous catalysis:

  • Excellent facilities for catalyst preparation, characterisation and testing.
  • Long experience in optimal catalyst and process condition screening and in catalyst development.

Our reactor set-ups are easily modifiable for versatile catalyst testing from laboratory to pilot scale.

VTT developed a gasification and gas clean-up technology for NSE Biofuels during 2008-2011. The process included novel reforming technology for upgrading biomass based gasification gas for the production of liquid biofuels. The development work resulted in 5 MW pilot plant.

VTT gas clean-up catalysts were also applied at Kokemäki power plant demonstration (2005-2007, Finland) and at Skive power plant in 2006 in Denmark. 

Syngas upgrading

Our work on catalytic cleaning of biomass gasification gas for more than 30 years has resulted in power plants operating with VTT’s gas clean-up technology and in the reforming technology that has been patented worldwide for BTL and SNG applications. Currently, we are working with syngas upgrading, fuel cell catalysis and use of nanomaterials in catalysis.

We are also able to manufacture catalysts for variety of applications from industrial scale batches to microchannel reactors. We have experience in producing catalysts by impregnation, precipitation, ALD, FSP and washcoating. For more than a decade we have worked on the development of tailored zirconia catalysts for gasification conditions. The technology has been patented worldwide. 

Versatile laboratories for catalyst testing

VTT’s catalyst testing laboratories are specialized in heterogeneous catalysis in gas-based process conditions but our fully automated reactor set-ups can be easily modified for experiments outside from our usual scope of research. We are able to carry out long duration testing and cyclically changing process conditions. Our close proximity to VTT’s bench and pilot scale testing facilities enables catalyst testing also in real process conditions. 

Our current collaboration partners include universities, research institutes and industries working in the fields of renewable energy production, fuel cells and catalyst development. We are constantly exploring new applications and process development possibilities in the field of catalysis.

Our know-how and equipments can be utilized for any gas phase, heterogeneous catalyst research such as upgrading of syngas, fuel cell reformers, methanation and microchannel reactors.