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Synthesis toolkit

Generate value-added chemical products: sustainable, functional and cost-competitive

​VTT develops industrially viable chemical synthesis technologies so as to generate value-added chemical products: sustainable, functional and cost-competitive. 

The ever-increasing use of resources influences the way we manage energy, raw materials and water. Renewable and recycled raw materials are becoming more important; also more efficient processes and smarter materials will be needed. Improving the quality of life and enhancing the sustained competitiveness of the chemical sector VTT can help you to develop new chemistry innovations. 

Chemistry is part of good life: Let us tell you why and how!

Customer projects with multinational chemical companies to develop functional building blocks and intermediates. 

Customer projects with multinational pharmaceutical companies to synthesize API and model compounds and to perform API analysis. 

Commissions with several international companies to upscale synthetic processes from lab to pilot-scale.

Application-oriented chemists inspired to work in industry-driven projects with a can-do attitude

VTT has solid know-how and diversified experience in design, synthesis and formulation of organic chemicals and polymers. Our synthesis design is based on industrial standpoints such as scalability, feasibility, exploitable starting materials and on the principles of green chemistry.

We carry out chemical process development from laboratory and bench-scale to pilot-scale and our services cover also the characterizations of structure-property relations for the fine-tuning of materials.

Current research focuses on catalytic processes for the production of bio-based fine and specialty chemicals, reactions in new media (high consistency, ionic liquids and especially deep eutectic solvents) and on smart materials for superior performance, such as specialty and functional polymers (self-assembling and self-healing).

State-of-the-art laboratory, bench- and pilot scale reactors and analytical devices with highly-skilled internationally oriented staff

Our versatile facilities include batch and continuous flow reactors from laboratory to bench and pilot scale including also parallel and inert-gas reactors, distillation and fractionation units and reaction calorimeter. 

Our services cover also physico-chemical analyses such as GC-MS, NMR, SS-NMR, FTIR, NIR, Py-GC-MS, HP-SEC, DSC, CE and UV-VIS. 

VTT has co-operation with numerous domestic, European and American research institutes and universities and VTT has collaborated in several projects with many relevant customer sectors such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, material and forest industries. 

Recent examples of our applications include bio-based monomers, intermediates, additives such as surfactants and compatibilizers and also functional polymers and macromolecules.