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Industrially and economically feasible polysaccharide-based materials for several industrial application areas

​VTT has decades of experience in developing industrially and economically feasible polysaccharide-based materials for several industrial application areas: functionalization by chemical and enzymatic modification covers all polysaccharides; including starch, hemicelluloses and (nano)cellulose.

The ever-increasing need to replace petroleum-based chemicals and materials with economically feasible green alternatives is a driver for our work. Also, changes in global environmental directives and legislation have driven the requirement for more efficient processes and convenient materials. 

VTT has already for decades successfully serviced both domestic and international customers on the chemical, forest and packaging industries in the development of polysaccharide-based materials and applications.

Chemical modification of polysaccharides

Our core competence covers the whole polysaccharide value chain from the selection of raw materials to the most relevant modifications and properties for all polysaccharides, such as thermoplasticity, charge, hydrophobicity, compatibility, solubility, etc. Recent research act ivies with polysaccharides have been focused on cellulose-based products, and improvement in its reactivity as a raw material, as well as the feasible functionalization of cellulose, e.g. by using solvent-free, high-consistency processes. We have also developed green and easily recyclable polysaccharide solvents applicable for various reactions.

Valuable biomaterials

VTT has a long experience in adding the value and valorisation of polysaccharides. All necessary laboratory and pilot-scale equipment and facilities are available. In addition, VTT has various analytical instruments for characterization of raw materials, synthesized polysaccharide products as well as application performance. Techno-economical calculations and road mapping are also available.

VTT has collaborated with numerous domestic and foreign universities, research institutes as well as industrial partners in jointly funded EU and Tekes projects. In addition, research and development has also been conducted directly between VTT and industrial partners.

VTT has collaborated with many relevant customer sectors throughout the value chain, including the forest and chemical industry, as well as end-users such as polymer and packaging manufacturers and water treatment companies.