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Dynamic plant and energy system modelling

Step into a virtual world and test your new process concepts at VTT!

Apros is a dynamic simulation environment, which enables modelling of unit processes, as well as the complexity of the process units.

Apros can be used in the process and automation design support, optimization and as a simulation environment of the new devices and control methods. It is also suitable for process phenomena researching, piloting and experimental design. In operation and maintenance, Apros can be used as a training environment and for the process of analysis and troubleshooting. VTT provides high-level design, modelling and optimization services.

Step into a virtual world and test your new process concepts at VTT – so you will see the benefits and problems of your concept easily and economically.

In the project a dynamic fluidized bed boiler was made with supercritical steam parameters, which can be used for both air and oxygen combustion. The project also included oxygen production- and CO2 purification plant dynamic models, which were integrated to the CFBC boiler. Simulations included examined CO2-capture-based combustiontechnologies.

Process phenomena and modelling

We have an excellent knowledge of the phenomena in combustion processes, process modelling and -optimization. VTT also provides Apros with full support and development functions. Information which VTT's pilot-boilers and simulation environment provides you can minimize risks and process development costs.

At the moment, we have focused on the concepts of carbon dioxide capture and storage, hybrid power plants and solar fields. The process control techniques and the overall management of these processes are also our focus areas.

The benefits of the integration of experimental activity and modelling

VTT is on the top level of test and analysis equipment in fluidised bed combustion research. The test environment enables bubbling bed, circulating fluidized bed and grate boiler combustion research from the laboratory scale to the class of pilot-scale category. Information provided by the test environment can be utilized in our modelling environment when researching and developing industrial-scale boilers.

Combustion research is closely related to material technology, fuel production, measurement and analysis procedures and equipment and automation technology and -systems.