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Separation technologies for water and concentrates

It is not just about cost avoidance, but finding value for the fractions

​VTT’s separation technologies and capabilities include a range of techniques, IPR, test environments and related expertise to separate your different waste fractions in a form in which they can be used effectively for other applications or disposed of. The techniques range from membrane technologies, electrochemically assisted nutrient recovery to sludge treatment and hydrothermal carbonization. 

Separation is usually the key to cost-effective utilization of the fractions. It is not just about cost avoidance, but finding value for the fractions.

Turn your waste into reusable material through efficient separation – contact VTT to see what your options are.

A global leader in minerals and metals processing, Finland-based Outotec has collaborated with VTT in developing an ultrasound-assisted cleaning process for ceramic filter elements.

With VTT’s unique facilities and expertise, Outotec was able to develop ultrasound-assisted cleaning of ceramic filter elements for heavy duty applications where extraordinary efficiency and material durability are required.

Clean water, energy efficiency and resource recovery

Filtration – and membrane filtration in particular – is seen as one of the main solutions for purifying and recycling water. Our development of robust filtration concepts for different industrial applications also considers pre- and post-treatments and the utilisation of residual concentrates, while the technologies we develop to control fouling attain good filtering performance, such as high fluxes with a small footprint. 

Our focus also reaches beyond traditional membrane filtration and dewatering technologies to embrace emerging technologies, such as forward osmosis (FO), foam-assisted sludge dewatering and biomimetic solutions. These new technologies target low energy and fouling with a high rejections of contaminants.

State-of-the-art separation facilities, tools and networks

We have unique experimental research test rigs both in the lab and at pilot-scale for different separation studies. Our tools also include various simulation software and on-line measuring often used for concept development.

We cooperate in national and international networks in the area of separation technology. Our most important research partners are the University of Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta University of Technology, University of Hong Kong, Nanyang Technological University and Coventry University.

Our most important customer sectors in separation technology development are the mining industry, pulp & paper industry and the chemical industry, with mining as the current focus. 

We make use of VTT´s multi-technological perspective – especially in filtration, material technology, monitoring and simulation – so as to develop novel concepts for water cleaning and raw materials extraction from process waters, wastewaters and concentrates.