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Piloting and concept validation

Run trials without early investment in own capacity

Design and validation of a novel concept, based on VTT’s or the client’s own IPR, often require experimental work and verification at laboratory sale followed by further scale-up into semi-pilot or pilot-scale. VTT’s capabilities offer a continuum in concept development, combining our lab scale capabilities and unique tailorable pilot environments for waste materials.

In evaluating a new concept or process, it is a necessary step to run and iterate the process in real-life, keeping track of the techno-economical parameters as well . At VTT, our flexible pilot environments offer a cost-efficient way to run trials without early investment in one’s own capacity.

Contact us for piloting and techno-economic prefeasibility.

Scale-up with VTT

VTT offers a versatile set of pilot plants in many areas of expertise needed in waste and side stream utilisation and recycling technologies. Our skilled personnel, experience and flexible pilot facilities serve as an agile scale-up platform for many types of process and products. 

We serve customers from large international corporates to local SMEs from many sectors of industry, e.g. chemical, biotechnology, forest, food and feed, energy, minerals, plastics, and advanced materials.

Broad range of pilot plants and experts at your service

VTT has pilot plants for process chemistry, separation technologies, hydrometallugy, industrial biotechnology, food technology, biomass fractionation and pulping, biomass gasification, pyrolysis and combustion, plastic processing, fibre and foam web production and roll-to-roll coating.

VTT can provide experts and other R&D services in process chemistry, materials science, analytics and techno-economic feasibility studies. We also have expertise in preparing sustainability assessments, and we can help in finding sources of R&D funding.