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Materials characterization

It all starts with understanding the properties of the waste

​The characterization of a waste stream is a starting point for all further considerations, as well as compliance-related issues. VTT offers its expertise and a range of methods and analytical equipment for your use.

The regulation is getting stricter for organic and other wastes, and companies and municipalities are working proactively in response. It all starts with understanding the properties of the waste.

Be prepared and stay ahead – contact VTT!

VTT has for decades successfully characterized and serviced domestic and international chemical, forest and machinery industries. 

Component analysis and equipment

VTT has a long experience in the characterization of industrial waste streams and its main components such as poly-, oligo- and monosaccharides, lignin, extractives, organic acids and inorganic components. All the necessary know-how as well as analysis equipment is available at VTT. We perform analyses using GC-MS, NMR, SSNMR, FTIR, NIR. Py-GC-MS, HP-SEC, DSC, TGA, CE, UV-VIS, elemental analysis – and more.

VTT has collaborated with numerous European research institutes and domestic and foreign universities. In addition, VTT has collaborated in several projects with many relevant customer sectors in the value chain, such as the forest, energy and chemical industries, as well as end-users such as polymer manufacturers, the packaging industry and composite companies.

World class analysis services

VTT has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment including world class operators and researchers.
We develop analysis methods and validate concepts in internal projects, in cooperation with the domestic industry supported by TEKES and the Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster’s (FiBiC) reasearch programmes, and international EU-projects. We serve many industrial sectors covering both Finnish and international SME’s and large companies.