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Process monitoring solutions

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​Monitoring solutions cover novel concepts for sophisticated process or product quality monitoring. We offer IPR and development capabilities for technology development, as well as monitoring campaigns for benchmarking or warranty purposes.

Monitoring is a necessity in efficient process automation. New clever solutions free up resources for other duties and result in improved throughput and quality.

Sensor development

VTT is continuously developing new sensor technology for water measurements to meet the customer’s needs. Real-time monitoring, online analysis, miniaturized sensor, reagent-free sensor and multisensor approaches have been focus areas in recent years.

Optical sensors show high potential for use in real-time monitoring, due to high measurement speed.

Optical or electrochemical sensors have started to appear in miniaturized versions; MEMS technologies as well as lab-on-chip solutions gain in importance, offering detailed analytics at a significantly reduced size. For example, VTT has developed a fast and affordable testing device for detecting the presence of toxic blue-green algae in water.

We are strongly networked and capable of bringing together the necessary value chains from sensor design companies to end-user. By using VTT’s expertise and troubleshooting services, companies can improve their process efficiency and optimize their processes and thereby improve profitability, and our services can provide solutions to meet your sustainability demands.

Online monitoring provides maximum benefits of early warning, and potential problems can be prevented by early actions. Monitoring of water quality helps industries to meet legislative restrictions and it reduces health risks.
Monitoring ensures effective resource management and improves production performance.