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Process Modelling


​Modelling is a cost-effective tool used to evaluate the impacts of process changes and novel materials and designs on system performance indicators. VTT toolbox includes system-level approaches as well as specific tools for individual processes and phenomena, such as solid state high-temperature reactions, water chemistry, or corrosion.

Today, there are smart ways to evaluate new processes and materials, or to find new parameters for current designs without the full cost of trialling all the options at lab and pilot-scale. We can narrow down your options with our range of modelling and simulation expertise and tools – cost effectively.

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Modelling and simulation

We develop and utilise process and phenomena simulation and modelling to improve process efficiency. The efficiency measure can be e.g. energy, costs, or selected environmental indicator; the mass and energy balance data obtained through the models is a prerequisite for all these assessments.

Models are also developed for continuous development at mill sites, and the evaluation of novel production concepts integrated into existing systems. One example of this is the evaluation of the impacts of integrating biorefinery processes on the cost efficiency of pulp production.

Our focus is in modelling different pulping and biorefinery processes, food and beverage production and novel bio and chemical product production systems including side-stream and water purification and valorisation technologies.

Process design methods and tools

Our strong expertise in process design, including simulation and modelling tool expertise, and our knowledge of the industrial context is utilised in all projects. Our customers also benefit from the national and European research networks in which we develop novel methods and tools for simulation and modelling, e.g. related to energy efficiency or fibre recycling cost efficiency.

We have provided modelling and platform development expertise to many sectors including forest industry, chemical industry, food industry and biomaterials and bioenergy. Moreover, tools developed at VTT, including the Balas® process simulator, are in use by private and academic players serving these sectors.

The simulation and modelling methods and tools are applicable to all process industries. They can help you through the life time of processes, from conceptual design to process debottlenecking and performance optimisation.