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Process diagnostics and troubleshooting

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​Process diagnostics takes a deep dive into process phenomena through on-site measurement, data crushing and analysis, understanding the relationships between running conditions, materials and production quality for improved efficiency, solving process challenges, and for novel designs.

When changing the raw material base or additives grade, a re-evaluation of the running parameters is usually required. Even in steady-state operation, occasional quality variations may occur, and you may need to go back to understand the phenomena behind it.

The VTT Process Diagnostics group performed a multivariate analysis and provided the mill managers (Stora Enso Varkaus) with a list of recommendations. After applying some of the recommended changes, the mill was able to reduce the use of defoaming agent by approximately 75%. In addition, several process fluctuations were detected and found to be the result of faulty pumps or problems with controls. Solving these problems resulted in significant cost savings and secured the uniform quality of the paper product.

Data mining

Novel measurement technologies as well as data mining methods for troubleshooting in water intensive industrial processes. 

Performance in water-intensive production processes is based on chemical interactions between raw material particles in aqueous media. Thus, any changes in chemical conditions is a threat to productivity and product quality
The only way to ensure an efficient and economic process is to monitor and control it online. Detrimental variations are usually due to periodic fluctuations or sudden changes – these cannot be detected using laboratory tools.

We have expertise in the analysis of hundreds of processes in the pulp & paper industries. Examples from other water-intensive industries include optimization of fish production by understanding the causal relationships in water quality and fish health, significant reduction of water use in breweries and a reduction of environmental emissions in mining. 

Advanced troubleshooting

We have novel online measurement tools supported by a large selection of traditional online measurements and efficient data mining tools for troubleshooting the problems. We have unique knowhow on advanced on-line corrosion monitoring systems, corrosion management via correlation with process states and corrosion risk analysis and validation of material concepts. In addition, research on process microbiology is at a high level at VTT. Microbioligically originating problems can be analysed both in the laboratory and by using online monitoring tools. 

We are nationally and internationally networked in the areas of modelling, data mining and development of novel sensors. 

The most important costumer sectors are the pulp & paper industry, mining and food & beverage industries.