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Material defects trouble shooting

We have a large variety of chemical and physical analytical methods

​Troubleshooting of material defects starts from analysing the product and tracing the variations back through the process to the raw materials so as to pinpoint the origin. Locating the root cause gives the necessary tools to fix the quality deviation. 

Material defects cost money in lost production and influence the client relationship. Tracking the problem saves money and trouble.

Contact us to find the answer with our referenced expertise and testing capabilities. 

Finnish SMEs as well as large companies are using VTT’s experience and equipment in solving ad hoc problems related to plastic and elastomers.

Investigating, resolving, and repairing

We have a large variety of chemical and physical analytical methods. These are excellent tools to determine the reasons for material defects. More importantly our skilled scientists are using their expertise to analyse results and give recommendations to overcome the challenge.

VTT brings a scientific point of view in problem solving. This will give unique possibilities to solve fundamental material-borne problems causing defects. For example, heterogeneous material junction defects, chemical incompatibility, and fractions caused by internal tension will be resolved and rectified.

Professional service

VTT’s laboratory facilities and skilled personnel are at your service for your industrial needs. 

VTT’s scientists are well networked nationally and globally. Thus, if necessary, we can consult the best specialists in each individual case.

Material defect troubleshooting will help all stakeholders along the plastics material value chain.